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At Eagle Marketing USA our main focus is to support businesses in driving targeted traffic and leads consistently for the business every single week! We use Facebook, Instagram, Google and other Advertising platforms to create those results. And when it comes to advertising, it’s very important you know how to create, manage and scale your PPC campaigns where you’re actually making a profit from the customers or clients you bring in. We support you in figuring out how to make a campaign ROI positive and increase overall revenue for your business. We work very closely together and make sure we provide you reports every week and every month. Our PPC specialists will analyze the reports, identify what’s working and not working and make immediate adjustments. Ultimately, if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense! So let’s connect so we can support your business, we offer a totally FREE 2 week offer so you can see if we would be a google fit for you and that we can create the results you’re looking for in your campaigns.

PPC Advertising & Campaign Management

Facebook Advertising

One of the most interesting advertising platforms because they capture so much of the users information, that creating targeted campaigns has become so much more attainable and worth it for businesses looking to do marketing there. Allowing you to reach the RIGHT people very quickly and effectively.

Instagram Advertising

Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, they started to work very great hand in hand. You’re able to reach the same user whether they’re on facebook or instagram, as well as, extend your reach through a platform with a lot less noise. Since instagram is mobile platform, optimizing for the user experience is crucial during a PPC campaign.

Google Advertising

Many business owners look at Google as a very expensive and over saturated platform, but that’s only because a lot of time they don’t understand how to reduce the Google Adwords bid pricing through using powerful tools and untapped keywords. We support you in generating strong Google Adwords campaigns, that doesn’t burn through your entire budget.

Website Optimization

This is a HUGE thing that we see most businesses forget or fail to do effectively. Creating landing pages that actually convert! If you have a poorly optimized website or landing page, on a technical level or marketing level, you will lose a lot of leads. Your ad campaigns might be amazing and drive the exact target market to you, but it can all be lost in your website and offer. Let us support you in tracking and optimizing for greater conversions!

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